KPB Affiliate, Keep Fayette County Green, Kicks Off Foam Recycling

KPB Affiliate, Keep Fayette County Green, Kicks Off Foam Recycling

(The Daily Courier) The Fayette County Recycling Program has added foam-recycling services to its program.

“About three months after we opened our Recycling Convenience Center, residents started asking us to accept foam products,” said Sheila Shea, recycling coordinator and stormwater manager. “We had so many requests. It really highlighted how much of a need there was for this in the county.” She said the county is excited to be able to offer a service requested by citizens.

Shipping and food-grade foam products of any color are being accepted at the center along 105 Romeo Lane in Uniontown. Foam products are only accepted at the center and should not be placed in the county’s green recycling bins. Foam polystyrene materials, which must be clean and empty with all tape and labels removed, include cups, takeout containers, meat trays, egg cartons, foam coolers and packaging from furniture, televisions and other electronics.

Recycled foam products can be densified at the county facility because of a $49,000 grant received from the Foam Recycling Coalition. “The grant allowed us to purchase our new foam densifier from Foam Cycle, a company we learned about from our friends at Westmoreland Cleanways in Greensburg,” Shea said. “They’ve had a lot of success with their foam program.”

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