Land Stewards

Road and Area Adoption Program

Since 1990, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful has offered an adoption program that allows caring individuals and groups to ‘adopt’ areas to help keep them clean and beautiful. Our adoption program complements PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program and is available for most municipal roads, trails, waterways and city blocks as long as we have the consent and support of the owner/maintainer of the property (usually the municipality). Regardless of the size of the area you’re able to adopt, you’re still helping to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful provides one sign per adoption and requests the support of the municipality to provide the sign post, install the sign and provide trash disposal options as needed.

To maintain an adoption, the adopter must agree to:

  • Clean their road/area twice a year – Please contact your county or township for any scheduled road work before selecting a date for your road cleanup.
  • Report your results online within 2 weeks of each cleanup.
  • Sign, and have all participants sign, a volunteer waiver form. Please email Stephanie Larson for a copy of the waiver form.
  • Always make safety a priority – Volunteer Safety Guidelines and the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Adoption Program Video are to be reviewed with all participants before any cleanup begins.

Find the forms needed to help you with your adoption here.

For more information, cleanup supplies or to initiate an adoption, contact Stephanie Larson at or 724-836-4121 x 104