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105 West Fourth Street, 2nd Floor Greensburg, PA 15601


FAX: 724.836.1980

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Staff Contacts

Shannon Reiter, President Ext 112

Heidi Pedicone, Director of Programs Ext 109

  • Grants Management

Heather Manhart, Office Coordinator and Assistant Ext 101

Barb Smerkar, Office Manager / IT Coordinator

Stephanie Larson, Program Coordinator Ext 104

  • Beautiful Newsletter / Resources, Local Road Adoption,
  • Litter Free School Zone, Special Collections and more

Michelle Dunn, Program Coordinator Ext 113

  • Great American Cleanup, International Coastal Cleanup
  • Fresh Paint Days and more

Rob Dubas, Program Coordinator Ext 107

  • Illegal Dump Free PA, Litter Enforcement and Camera Surveillance Program

Sue Urchek, Program Coordinator Ext 106

  • Illegal Dump Free PA and Camera Surveillance Program

Fred Siekkinen, Enforcement Support Field Operative Ext 102

  • Illegal Dump Free PA and Camera Surveillance Program

Kylie McCutcheon, Affiliate Coordinator Ext 114

  • Affiliate Services
  • Award Programs