Open Your Eyes to Litter

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s popular Open Your Eyes to Litter series of five educational activity books was created over 20 years ago. To account for the changing environment, new environmental education standards and new types of litter, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is updating the series. Book 1 is complete and available to download in English and Spanish. An updated Teacher’s Guide is also available. Look for the rest of the series throughout 2024.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is working with illustrator and graphic designer, Brady Mock, and Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation’s (EPCAMR) team, including certified teacher, Laura Rinehimer for revisions, updates and Spanish translation to update the Open Your Eyes to Litter series.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful would like to thank PA Department of Environmental Protection for their support of our education programs and for providing funding for the development of the original book series as well as the revisions.

The books and teacher’s guides are available to download. To inquire about bulk printing prices of any edition of Open Your Eyes to Litter books for distribution at events or use in programs, contact Stephanie Larson at e-mail or 724-836-4121.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful would like to extend a special note of thanks to the various staff, educators and illustrators that contributed to the original PA CleanWays’ Open Your Eyes to Litter series. Over one million copies of the original series were distributed to schools throughout Pennsylvania over the years and these books were instrumental in educating Pennsylvania's youth about litter, recycling and keeping our communities clean. The original series was the foundation for this new Open Your Eyes to Litter series and when appropriate, the original text and illustrations were maintained or adapted.

Open Your Eyes to Litter – Book 1:

Designed for kids in kindergarten through grade 3, the book is an introduction to what litter is and who it affects and includes thoughtful prompts and fun activities.

Download the Book 1 Teacher Guide

The individual book price is dependent on paper costs and stock quantities available at the time of ordering. Currently books are $.99 each. Shipping varies depending on quantity and location.

Book Quantity Approximate Shipping Cost
25 $7
50 $10
125 $21

Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 2: Our Littered Past

For grades 4-6, the 36 pages will help kids see that ever since people have lived together in groups, dealing with their litter and waste has been an issue. This learning tool travels from prehistoric times to the present and illustrates many of the reasons for our waste problems. It also shares what caring individuals and groups are doing to help.

Download the Book 2 Teacher Guide

Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 3: Think Before You Toss

Book is 22 pages and is designed with grades 4-6 in mind. This booklet describes the ways trash can be handled when properly disposed of: it is recycled, goes to a landfill, or is burned in a resource recovery facility. Each trash disposal option is explored individually and is accompanied by fun activities for kids to do. The booklet also emphasizes the option of re-using things that aren't needed anymore and encourages everyone to think before they toss.

Download the Book 3 Teacher Guide

Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 4: Open Your Eyes to Litter in a Watershed

Book is is 36 pages and is geared toward students in kindergarten through third grade. The booklet focuses on how illegal dumping and littering affect watersheds. Also, Open Your Eyes to Litter in a Watershed addresses PA Department of Education Environment & Ecology Academic Standards as follows:

  • 4.1.4 Watersheds and Wetlands
  • 4.2.4 Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources
  • 4.3.4 Environmental Health
  • 4.8.4 Humans and the Environment

(There is currently no Teacher's Guide available for OYEL 4.)

Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 5: Keeping Our Greenways Clean

Book is 34 pages and is geared towards kids in fourth through sixth grade. The theme is how litter and illegal dumping impact greenways and why it is important to keep our environment clean. The book highlights eight greenways across Pennsylvania, provides activities throughout, and details the functions and benefits that greenways provide. This book addresses PA Department of Education Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and Geography.

Download the OYEL 5 Teacher’s Guide by clicking here.