Litter Map: Community-Led Research Seeks Solutions to Southside Bethlehem Illegal Dumping

(Lehigh Valley News) Community-led research is exactly what it sounds like, Kate Jackson said.

“By being involved in the community, the research comes out of those relationships,” said Jackson, an assistant professor of environmental health, justice and policy at Lehigh University. “… I heard the request to know more about where trash is accumulating and why, and what are the other case studies that are happening in similar cities.

“That would all be really helpful research for us in working together to create an even more beautiful community.”

With a research question in hand, Jackson, along with a team of students and community stakeholders, has launched a new initiative to study not only where litter builds up and trash is illegally dumped across the city’s Southside, but also why it got there in the first place.

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