NEPA Battles Mounting Litter Issue

(Fox56 WOLF) Spring has officially begun and with the majority of snow melting across NEPA some drivers are noticing large amounts of trash along the sides of roadways, which some call an eyesore.

While it may seem like the trash appears out of nowhere, usually it’s always been present but, the snow melting away makes it much more obvious.

Across NEPA and the entire state, motorists can see litter covering the roadways.

Things like plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and even clothing items like boots can be seen along multiple roads.

According to Pick Up PA, the organization has disposed of over 2 million Pounds of Trash across the state in just 2023 alone.

Keep PA Beautiful does run multiple litter pick up events, however Shannon Reiter the President of Keep PA Beautiful says that it’ll take more than clean up events to end Pennsylvania’s Litter Problem.

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