Affiliate Community Partner Award

The Community Partner Award provides each KPB and local KAB affiliate a way to honor an outstanding partnership with local government, community organization or business who enhance and are essential to local community programming. To apply, visit Affiliate Resources for the online application under the Affiliate Community Partner Award. This award is only for KPB and local KAB affiliates in good standing.

For questions, please contact Kylie McCutcheon at or 724-836-4121 ext. 114.

2023 Awardees

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AJ Blosenski, nominated by Keep Chester County Beautiful

In August 2023, Save the Schuylkill, Litter Lifters of West Vincent, Green Valleys Watershed Association, and other volunteers totaling over 100 participants and 50 watercrafts, partnered to clean a section of the Schuylkill River. AJ Blosenski (Waste Connections) donated approximately $4,000 worth of dumpsters and removal fees (including two dumpsters and their drop off/pick up/haul away). AJ also hauled 80 tires to a recycling facility for proper disposal and dumpsters full of improperly disposed of waste that was removed from the Schuylkill River and its banks across a portion of the river spanning between Chester and Montgomery counties.


Public Lands Store, nominated by Allegheny CleanWays

Allegheny CleanWays (ACW) has partnered with Public Lands for the past two years. Four times a year, Public Lands sponsors a dumpsite cleanup, often bringing Public Lands employees to help, and invites ACW to share their mission and programs with customers. Public Lands also displays information about ACW with permanent signage at the store. This past Summer, ACW crew served as "models" for new products. Professional photos of ACW crew in Public Lands clothes and gear are currently used on their website and in promotional emails. Information about the nonprofit is featured on their website, as well. Public Lands is always looking to ACW to tell them where their help is needed the most. Public Lands contributed to the cleanup of: 546 tires during a cleanup in February, 1,250 pounds of debris in April for an Earth Day event and 2,092 pounds of trash including 28 tires in September for Public Lands Day.


Wildheart Ministries, nominated by Keep Dauphin County Beautiful

Love the Hill is an inner-city initiative of Wildheart Ministries for Harrisburg’s Allison Hill. Part of their initiative is to help clean up illegal dumpsites in the City of Harrisburg. The cleanups are beneficial because they contribute to environmental conservation by removing various wastes, enhancing public safety, and fostering community engagement. These efforts will help restore the City's natural beauty, protect wildlife, and create a sense of pride and responsibility among residents. Additionally, addressing illegal dumpsites promptly can prevent further environmental degradation and potential health risks for the community. Their collective efforts have led to a significant reduction in unauthorized waste disposal across the Allison Hill neighborhood. Through community outreach and collaboration with local government, they've effectively raised awareness about responsible waste management, with the goal of improved environmental conditions and a cleaner, more sustainable neighborhood and City.