PA CleanWays of Mifflin County was formed in 2001 with support from residents concerned about illegal dumping in the county.

PA CleanWays of Mifflin County participates in an annual friendly rivalry called the “Tire Wars” with other KPB affiliates; Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful and Keep Perry County Beautiful. “Gold Rim Award” is given to the affiliate who collects the most tires at a specific collection event, helping to remove unsightly tires and mosquito breeding grounds from the landscape.

In 2022, Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful won the “Gold Rim Award” by collecting 1,196 tires, Keep Perry County collected 430 tires and PA CleanWays of Mifflin County won the “Flat Tire Award” by collecting 377! Winning or losing, every tire collected helps to keep our communities clean and beautiful!

Congratulations to Keep Mifflin County Beautiful’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year, Jamil Rivera!

Jamil was nominated by PA CleanWays of Mifflin County for his continuous efforts to make the world a better place, including litter pickups and tire recycling. Jamil has been a valued volunteer of the affiliate for a number of years and enjoys finding rogue tires and recycling them. He enjoys the outdoors and takes pride in keeping it leaving it better than he found it.

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Contact Information

PA CleanWays of Mifflin County
Pam Sechrist, Affiliate Coordinator
P.O. Box 63
Mattawana, PA 17054

Phone Number: 717-899-6701