Young Ambassadors From Local High Schools To Help Fight Litter

(Pittsburgh Post Gazette) Michael Harris wanted to make a positive difference in his Penn Township community, but needed some help to do so.

The 17-year-old junior at Penn-Trafford High School found that help through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website, where he learned about the Young Ambassadors of Pennsylvania Program.

Administered by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, the program Harris was accepted into in October alongside 32 other high school students from across the state focuses on engaging with and encouraging young Pennsylvanians to take pride in their communities by keeping them clean and beautiful.

Harris found the program aligned with his philosophies about the environment. “I have always been interested in litter management,” he said. “I felt that people litter simply because they do not know the harm it causes. I have always tried to pick up any trash I see on the street or in local parks.”

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