Pick up a piece of litter every day while walking down the street, hiking along a stream or in the woods, fishing, boating, playing in the park, or anywhere else…if we all pick up one piece of litter every day, Pennsylvania will be clean and beautiful!

So you cleaned up the park, stream, forest, neighborhood… Are you interested in what else you can do?

  • The Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful network can help organize your community members, friends and neighbors in engaging individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments.
  • Help keep your nearby roads clean by becoming an adoption program participant. Municipal roads, trails, waterways and city blocks can be adopted through the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Adoption program. State roads can also be adopted through PennDOT’s “Adopt-A-Highway” program.
  • WeConservePA seeks to protect Pennsylvania’s special places—the farms, forests, parks and other green spaces that people love—the places that help to ensure healthy, prosperous and secure communities by helping land trusts and other conservation practitioners improve their effectiveness, builds public understanding, and advocates for better governmental policy.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has a wealth of information on actions you can take every day to help protect and restore Pennsylvania’s air, land, water, and energy resources. Log onto DEP and explore the possibilities.
  • The Pennsylvania Parks & Forest Foundation has information and assistance on forming “Friends of the Park Groups” for Pennsylvania State Parks.
  • Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers helps interested individuals and groups form watershed associations to help improve and protect their local water resources.