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I/We hereby accept the responsibilities for keeping our school grounds, hereinafter referred to as the Litter Free School Zone, litter free. This understanding is made with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful upon agreement of the terms listed below.

Minimum Requirements from the School:
  • Check the school grounds two times a year, or more often at your discretion, and remove litter.
  • To report the date of each cleanup completed, number of participants, hours worked and number of full bags of trash collected to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful after each cleanup or two times a year if cleanups are held more often.
  • Promote and report results of Litter Free School Zone activities in school publications, on bulletin boards and other places where appropriate.
  • Make safety a top priority.
  • Provide written notice to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and remove signage in the event that the school wishes to terminate the program or if it becomes inactive.
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Provides:
  • Attractive signage for your school designating it as a Litter Free School Zone.
  • Media coverage publicizing your school's involvement through our newsletter, news releases, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Helpful and responsive assistance from staff.

By signing this form, you confirm that proper administrative permission has been obtained to participate in cleanup activities and display Litter Free School Zone signage at your school.

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For questions, please contact:
Stephanie Larson at 724-836-4121 ext.104 or e-mail.