Illegal Dump Surveys

Also, to download our 2009 City of Pittsburgh Survey, click here.

In 2013, the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Illegal Dump Survey Program completed surveying every county since its inception in 2005. It identified 6,487 illegal dumpsites containing an estimated 18,516.83 tons of trash. The final reports for each county-based survey can be found by selecting a county shaded in green in the map above or by finding the county listed in the table below.

Illegal dumping mostly occurs in remote and secluded places, rural areas where few persons live, and the roads are less traveled. However, for many people who are residents of an urban area, an illegal dump is often within a one-mile radius of their home. Overall, very few people are aware of the widespread problem of illegal dumping in Pennsylvania.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s illegal dump surveys educate state, county and local officials, as well as citizens, about the problem of illegal dumping and provide valuable data about the dumpsites and the community in which they reside.

The purpose of an illegal dump survey is to assess and document as many illegal dumpsites as possible within a county. The survey is a tool that can be used for planning purposes within a community. It can provide valuable insight into development of solid waste and recycling programs. It can be used to gain support for funding for public awareness programs and education, as well as generate funds to clean the existing dumpsites. By providing the needed data to address the problem of illegal dumping, we can begin addressing the problem through public policy, resource allocation, community education, and cleanups.

For more information about this program or to obtain available hard copies of the survey, please contact Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful via phone at 724-836-4121 or e-mail. If you know of an illegal dumpsite not listed in the surveys, please let us know by filling out our Illegal Dumpsite Reporting Form online.