Litter Hawk Youth Award Program

An Awards Program for Pennsylvania Youth in Grades K through 6, sponsored in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Hey Kids!

Do you feel bad when you see someone dropping litter on the ground?
Are you upset when you find trash in your favorite place?
Wish you could do something about it?
You can! You can be a Litter Hawk!

The Litter Hawk Youth Award Program is a way for you to share your hope, optimism and concerns about litter and a way for you to inspire others through art, words or video to change their behavior or do something to promote change in their lives or community regarding litter.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is counting on kids like you who care about having clean places to live and play. Litter Hawks help people see how litter and trash hurt our environment. They help people learn better ways of getting rid of trash, like recycling something that’s been used so it can be made into something new again.

Show us how you keep Pennsylvania beautiful!

Interested in participating? Check back here in the fall for the next Litter Hawk Contest!
For questions, contact Kylie McCutcheon at or 877-772-3673 ext 114.

Congratulations to the 2022 Litter Hawk winners!

Check out their amazing posters, essays and videos on our Facebook and on our YouTube!

First Place Winners

  • Bailee Pliska, Kindergarten (poster), Westmoreland County
  • Kylie Blakeslee, Grade 1 (poster), Tioga County
  • Paisun Wilt, Grade 2 (poster), Perry County
  • Zaniel Lowman, Grade 3 (poster), Westmoreland County
  • Likhit Nagh Boni, Grade 4 (poster), Chester County
  • Damian Stiffey, Grade 5 (essay), Cambria County
  • Guilianna De Maio, Grade 6 (video), Pike Count

Runners-Up Winners

  • Chase Garnett, Kindergarten (poster), Cumberland County
  • Luke Goeckel, Grade 1 (poster), Perry County
  • Kyleigh Llacas, Grade 2 (poster), Brandywine Wallace Elementary, Chester County*
  • Izabelle Fackler, Grade 3 (poster), Cumberland County
  • Emmelee Campbell, Niang Lun and Janiya Herrera, Grade 4 (poster), Fritz Elementary, Lancaster County*
  • Amber Drozdis, Grade 5 (video – tie), Lackawanna County
  • Andrew Haas, Grade 5 (video – tie), Philadelphia County
  • Leonora Orellana Antón, Grade 6 (video), Wayne County