Corporate Sponsorships Align Your Goals with Our Mission

There are an estimated 502 million pieces of litter in PA communities. Our communities spend over $68 million per year addressing littering and illegal dumping. Eighty percent (80%) of these costs go toward cleanup of bottles, cans, tires, cigarette waste, mattresses, and every type of plastic wrap imaginable.

These dollars could be redirected toward community improvements and economic development.

That is why your investment in Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful programs and initiatives has a direct impact on the quality of life for your employees and consumers. KPB supports so much more than cleanups. We invest in education, enforcement support and proper waste management and recycling initiatives.

Become a sponsor of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and claim the benefits for your ESG and CSR goals. Ensure our programming reaches into every community throughout the Commonwealth.

We believe in public/private partnerships and that those broad-based community alliances are essential to achieve fair and sustainable community improvement.

Please contact Deb Woolley, Development Representative to learn how you can support clean and beautiful communities in Pennsylvania. Thank you to our current supporters and partners!


Employer Giving Program

Many businesses match employee donations to non-profit organizations, like Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, through an employee giving program. Some businesses also recognize staff that volunteer with non-profits through grants supporting the agency’s mission. If your business / employees are interested in getting involved, contact Shannon Reiter, President, via email at



In-Kind Donations

Businesses can also support the Mission by making an In-Kind Donation, which can consist of products (gloves, gift cards for supplies, young trees for planting, coupons for volunteers, etc.) or services (provided without charge or at a reduced cost). For current needs, contact Shannon Reiter, President, via email at

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