Education Resources

Keep America Beautiful has an interactive website called “Clean Sweep U.S.A.” for teachers and students to get the facts on the impact of litter, proper handling of solid waste, and the rewards of creating beauty in our community environments.
The Clean Sweep U.S.A. website offers teachers eight in-class lessons that meet environmental standards of learning, plus turnkey activities.  Lessons also include student guidance for web-directed research.
For students, Clean Sweep U.S.A. is a series of interactive games and simple, visual facts about litter prevention, beautification, and managing our nation’s garbage.  All of this adds up to fun learning.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful has developed a series of activity booklets to help teach youth about the hazards of littering called “Open Your Eyes To Litter”.  Unfortunately, these booklets are out of stock but are available for printing in large quantities by contacting Stephanie at our main office at 877-772-3673.  Below is a short description of each booklet.

 oyel1 Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 1 is 24 pages and designed for use with grades K-3. It helps kids understand the difference between intentional litter (which they know is harmful) and accidental litter (which happens unintentionally, but is still harmful).

 oyel2 Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 2: Our Littered Past works well with grades 4-6, is 36 pages, and helps kids see that ever since people have lived together in groups, dealing with their litter and waste has been an issue. This learning tool travels from prehistoric times to the present and illustrates for the reader many of the reasons for our waste problems. It also shares what caring individuals and groups are doing to help.

 oyel3 Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 3: Think Before You Toss is 22 pages and is designed with grades 4-6 in mind. This booklet describes the ways trash can be handled when properly disposed of: it is recycled, goes to a landfill, or is burned in a resource recovery facility. Each trash disposal option is explored individually and is accompanied by fun activities for kids to do. The booklet also emphasizes the option of re-using things that aren’t needed anymore and encourages everyone to think before they toss.

 oyel4 Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 4: Open Your Eyes to Litter in a Watershed is 36 pages and is geared toward students in kindergarten through third grade. The booklet focuses on how illegal dumping and littering affect watersheds. Also, Open Your Eyes to Litter in a Watershed addresses PA Department of Education Environment & Ecology Academic Standards as follows:

  • 4.1.4 Watersheds and Wetlands
  • 4.2.4 Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources
  • 4.3.4 Environmental Health
  • 4.8.4 Humans and the Environment

 oyel5sm Open Your Eyes to Litter, Vol. 5: Keeping Our Greenways Clean is 34 pages and is geared towards kids in fourth through sixth grade.  The theme is how litter and illegal dumping impact greenways and why it is important to keep our environment clean.  The book highlights eight greenways across Pennsylvania, provides activities throughout, and details the functions and benefits that greenways provide.  This book addresses PA Department of Education Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and Geography.