Recycling, Litter, & Waste Organizations Disapprove of Electronics Recycling Legislation and Proposed Amendment

(Harrisburg, PA) – In an unprecedented alliance of solidarity, five (5) of Pennsylvania’s
recycling, litter, and waste management organizations representing key stakeholder factions
affected by the Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA), Act 108 of 2010 have united in
disapproval of CDRA and its proposed amendment, (HB1900 Ross). The Electronics Recycling
Association of Pennsylvania (ERAP); Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB); the Pennsylvania
Recycling Markets Center (RMC); the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP); and the
Keystone Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) are in consensus
on the steps necessary to revamp and greatly improve access to electronic waste recycling
opportunities for Pennsylvania citizens.

“CDRA inadvertently created an environment in which a once growing, Pennsylvania electronics
waste recycling industry nearly collapsed,” stated Ned Eldridge, ERAP President. “This forced
counties and recyclers across Pennsylvania to reduce or abandon their once productive
programs.” According to a recent survey conducted by RMC in conjunction with Penn State,
many e-waste collection sites and services are now inadequate to handle all devices as covered
by the law and in many counties have ultimately ceased.

“We all concur that HB1900 will not remedy the situation,” said Jennifer Summers, PROP
Executive Director. Shannon Reiter, KPB President agrees, “Strong similarities in member and
stakeholder feedback independently experienced by each group reinforces that HB1900, like
CDRA, fails to incentivize electronics manufacturers to fulfill their obligations and does not
ensure a level playing field for collection programs; scrap recyclers; transporters; and most
importantly, Pennsylvania consumers.”

The alliance has asked the Pennsylvania Legislature to review and consider their technical
concerns, and have offered concepts for a comprehensive sustainable solution. Keystone
SWANA President Robert Zorbaugh stressed, “The recommendations were authored by
industry and policy experts and supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders that includes
county and local governments.”

The full list of concerns and recommendations are available at a
website developed by KPB to help educate the public about CDRA and related issues.
A sampling of the recommendations include:
Clearly defined Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) responsibilities Including a timeline to
ensure reasonable and uninterrupted financial continuity to support the operation along with
monetary incentives linked with performance criteria to promote efficiency, and cost reduction;
Comprehensive service coverage through a state organized system of services which assure
that collection sites would operate in each county with or without the need for local government
resources and responsibility.
Minimum standards for collection sites to help manage and control operational excesses and
costs by site operators;
Just compensation and fair pricing by establishing a competitive bidding process for the State
Default Plan services. The bill should require Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to
cover the cost of all covered materials physically collected, transported, and processed under
the system throughout the entire year;
Allowances for new technologies and options for cathode ray tube glass management, i.e., tube
televisions and computer monitors;
Shared consumer responsibility for the program through inclusion of a reasonable point-ofpurchase
fee dedicated to fund administration, enforcement, education, and
research/development but not the cost of recovery and processing which would remain the
responsibility of the OEMs. Retailers should retain a portion of the fee (suggested $ 0.03) as
compensation for their costs.
Each organization welcomes feedback and questions concerning electronics waste recycling
issues; questions should be directed through the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center at or 717.948.6660.


For Organizational Information:
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