Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Recognizes Road Adoption Volunteers and Encourages Statewide Participation

(November 30, 2017) – Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful invites local residents, organizations, civic groups, and businesses to commit to litter free communities by joining their statewide adoption program. The program is an option for most types of local areas, such as municipal roads, communities, parks, neighborhood blocks, greenways, waterways and trails. There is no fee to participate and groups must agree to make safety a top priority, schedule two cleanups per year and report results to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful after each cleanup.  Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful will seek support from the local property maintainer/owner before proceeding with an adoption. The program was developed to mirror PennDOT’s Adopt a Highway program with the goal of reducing roadside litter on municipal roads, but the benefits go beyond esthetics. The volunteers have reported a sense of pride and community involvement, meeting new neighbors and helping the community.

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