Who To Contact

Who To Contact

You have many reporting options, depending on whether the property is publicly or privately owned, its use, and whether local police have jurisdiction. Many factors apply to reporting, and you may be asked to call a different agency. If you are referred to another agency, the intent is to connect you with the agency best suited to handle your complaint.

Always start at the local level. Local officials are familiar with properties and residents, and should be able to respond quickly. Check your local telephone directory or call your local municipal building or township secretary to see if any of the following local agencies exist:

  • Local Police
  • Municipal Code Enforcement
  • County Code Enforcement
  • County Solid Waste Authority
  • County Health Department

If local options don’t exist or you are not satisfied with their response, you have other options.

PA State Police – Problem area is not covered by a local police department.
– Problem is on public land, such as a state road right-of-way.
– Problem is on private land, and the complainant owns that land which is not covered by local police jurisdiction.
PA Department of Environmental Protection -Illegal dumping has occurred.
-You may also find other numbers to file a complaint by using¬†DEP’s online “Emergency Response Contact Numbers in Your Area”¬†chart.
PA Fish and Boat Commission The trash lies in or near surface waters, particularly trout streams.
PA Game Commission Litter and dumping occurs on State Game Lands and on private property that is open to hunting.
PA Bureau of Forestry Littering and dumping impacts State Forests.
PA Bureau of State Parks Littering and dumping impacts State Parks.

What you say and how you say it can create an atmosphere of cooperation. Let the agency or police know that you’re interested in following your complaint through to clean up. This makes you part of the solution. Be patient – the response may not be as immediate as you want. Be persistent – not every report results in a successful prosecution, but future reports may get the response you want. If one agent’s or an agency’s final response doesn’t satisfy you, take your concerns to a higher level of the same agency or to a different agency. (Even if you want your complaint handled anonymously, it is best if you share your name and phone number. The agency may need to contact you for additional information. Be aware that anonymity may affect the priority of an agency response.