Beautification & Community Greening

Beautification plays an important role in protecting a cleaned site from being trashed again. Each active dumpsite is evaluated for the type of beautification needed. Clean soil is used to cover areas that may have been disturbed by heavy equipment. These areas are then seeded with groundcover indigenous to the area. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful also plants trees, native to Pennsylvania, along stream banks and roadways, and in parks where cleanups have taken place.

Planting trees is one of the best and easiest ways everyone can help the environment. In addition to being beautiful, trees provide a wide range of social, community, economic, and environmental benefits. Trees:

  • discourage littering by beautifying urban and community areas such as parks, streets, and schoolyards,
  • assist in preventing soil erosion,
  • provide a habitat for wildlife,
  • increase individuals’ physical and emotional well-being,
  • remove dust, particulates, ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other pollutants from the air,
  • conserve energy by blocking wind, snow, rain, and sunlight,
  • serve as an effective buffer in screening out urban noises,
  • replenish oxygen,
  • help clean groundwater and prevent the transport of sediment and chemicals into waterways by trapping nutrients and chemicals.

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