PA Environment Digest -In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth DayKeep Pennsylvania Beautiful is reminding students, teachers and kids of all ages to visit their Facebook page and website for links to their educational activity books– Open Your Eyes to Litter.

This series of five books provides hands-on learning for grades K through six and can supplement online learning during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

— Open Your Eyes to Litter, Volume 1 – Explains the difference between intentional and accidental litter and who is affected by it. Also available in Spanish.

— Open Your Eyes to Litter, Our Littered Past – Illustrates litter and waste issues from prehistoric times to the present and explains how each culture managed or didn’t manage their waste. Also available in Spanish.

— Open Your Eyes to Litter, Think Before You Toss – Explains ways trash can be properly disposed, what happens to trash once it is thrown away, and why you should reduce, reuse and recycle.

— Open Your Eyes to Litter, In a Watershed – Illustrates how litter and illegal dumping affect watersheds and the animals and people who live, work, and play there.

— Open Your Eyes to Litter, Keeping Our Greenways Clean – Explains how litter affects our greenways, how greenways function, and encourages both awareness and stewardship of greenways. This book illustrates the major greenways in Pennsylvania and shows how they connect cities and communities.

Each book addresses the Department of Education Academic Standards for Environment, Ecology and Geography and has a supplementary Teacher’s Guide that suggests multi-discipline educational activities that expands on the information, ideas, and activities that are included in each book.

The books and teachers guides are available to download.

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