Farmington Elementary Grows Young Farmers, Healthy Eaters

Farmington Elementary Grows Young Farmers, Healthy Eaters

(Culpeper Star-Exponent) A garden at Culpeper’s Farmington Elementary School is growing young farmers and laying ground for adult healthy eaters.

A $5,000 grant from The GIANT Company and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful supports the project, allowing the school to redo its gardens.

Students have been enjoying getting their hands in the dirt and have planted bean, tomato, carrot and pepper plants, Culpeper County Public Schools spokeswoman Laura Hoover said in a statement.

Students helped plant over 300 seeds as a part of their studies. In collaboration, the Culpeper Water and Soil Conservation District provided support with planting and instruction at several grade levels.

Stephanie DeNicola-Turner, the district’s education coordinator, shared her excitement about the project.

“Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District was honored to help Farmington with this grant,” she said. “We love to get students outside with their hands in the soil! As a city girl myself, I understand how important it is to spend time outside and connect students to how food gets to their table.”

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