Attention All Pennsylvania Teachers – Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Invites Schools to Participate in their Litter Free School Zone Program

(August 14, 2019) – Litter reduces property values, is costly to the economy and leads to contamination of our land and water. Litter has a direct effect on how we, and others, feel about where we live, work and play. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful provides the Litter Free School Zone program to public and private schools in Pennsylvania as a way to encourage students and staff to stop litter in its tracks, ensuring that it does not find its way to the neighboring streets, parks and storm drains where it would become even more harmful to the environment and community.

The Litter Free School Zone program is a comprehensive program that encourages young people to play an active role in protecting and improving our environment through recycling, litter awareness and community stewardship. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful provides a sign recognizing the participating school as a Litter Free School Zone. The school, in turn, organizes two cleanups or beautification events per year.

In Reading, a group of Environmental Club students regularly perform various projects as part of the Litter Free School Zone program, including cleaning up litter on the campus of Wilson High School. Tyler Small, biology teacher and Environmental Club Advisor for the school says, “The Litter Free School Zone program has been a great addition to our environmental club. It has started an awareness about litter, recycling and trash, and their effects on the environment. Resources and support provided by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful are extremely useful in helping plan events and activities for our club, like the pollinator garden that we are currently building at our school. We are hopeful that by sharing the knowledge about recycling, litter and trash in our club and with the school, this knowledge will continue to stay with the students as they grow, and we will see a difference in the way that future generations handle some of the bigger problems.”

There are currently over eighty schools participating in the program. All schools are welcome – elementary through high school, public or private.  Teachers interested in participating should visit the Keep It section of the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful website, or contact Stephanie Larson at or 877-772-3673.

“Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful welcomes students, clubs, classes, and even entire school districts to participate in the Litter Free School Zone program. This program provides a fun and easy way for students to work together, learning valuable community leadership and responsibility skills while gaining a respect for the environment and the world around them. It is also an opportunity to develop a school-wide stewardship ethic and set a community example” states Shannon Reiter, President of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

About Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s mission is empowering Pennsylvanians to make our communities clean and beautiful.  Since 1990, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and its volunteers have removed over 141 million pounds of litter from Pennsylvania’s roadways, greenways, parks, forests, and waterways. To learn more about Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, visit 

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